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    Emergency Electrician On Call 24 Hours a day , 7 days a week

    Westline Electrical has a 24/7 emergency for residential, commercial and industrial electrical services in Perth.

    We are heavily dependent on electricity for home, work, entertainment and communications. Any disruption has an immediate impact. Electrical disruptions at home are inconvenient and are unsafe. Problems with electrical wiring can also lead to productivity loss and could cause mishaps.

    It is for these reasons why we have a 247 service. No matter the time of day – or night – just get in touch with us and we will take steps to resolve the situation. Our electricians are trained for emergency response and equipped for emergency repair, installation and maintenance.

    Residential Electrical Emergencies

    Faulty wiring can cause power failure and leave the household in the dark. Just call our tem and we will assess the cause and repair the damage. Our team is specially trained at finding electrical faults and conducting emergency repairs any time of the day.

    Electrical problems need to be looked into quickly as it could lead to bigger problems that would affect other electrical wiring. Our team is also versed in electrical maintenance. Rather than wait for an electrical mishap, let our team perform a checkup to ensure everything is all right.

    Commercial Electrical Emergencies

    Whether it is a small office or a multi-story building, electrical wiring problems can damage electronics equipment and productivity losses.  Left untreated, these problems can worsen and even be a safety hazard. When there’s an electrical issue, you can leave it to us to find and fix the problem.

    We have a team of electricians that have been trained in commercial electrical, installation, repair and maintenance. Commercial electrical wiring is more complex compared to residences, so proper care, maintenance and repair should be left to professionals especially in emergency situations.

    Industrial Electrical Emergencies

    Industrial electrical wiring and components are subject to strain as operations are continuous. For any factory, a disruption in electrical power will lead to financial losses and reduced work productivity. Westline Electrical electricians are certified and trained to install and repair these problems.

    Maintenance checkups can help prevent problems with electrical components. Give us a call and we will send an electrician over to inspect these components and nip problems in the bud.  All our electricians are professionally dressed and have IDs so you can identify them.

    Electrical problems can and will arise when you least expect it. But regardless of the time, just call us and we will fix it for you.



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